The AI-powered financial management platform for construction

Adaptive combines expert customer support with automated bills, receipt capture, budgets, draws, reporting, and more - all fully integrated with QuickBooks.

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The Problem

Compiling and analyzing all the bills, invoices, and docs while managing every construction budget is complex and time-consuming.

Even after sorting by project, more manual approvals and workflows are still required.

The Solution

Adaptive's AI analyzes every doc and automatically sorts it by project, triggering the right approvals and budget accuracy immediately.

AI that reads and processes 
your bills, receipts, and invoices

Then, like a human accountant, it matches bills to the job, line item, and cost code in your budgets.

Automatic reconciliations 
and receipt capture

Link the company cards you already use to Adaptive and put your receipt capture on autopilot, with access to all your transaction backup in seconds.

One-click draw packages

Whether you're cost plus, fixed price, or fixed fee, generate a perfectly formatted invoice with transaction backup and draw schedule in seconds.

Easy-to-set accounting 
automations and workflows

Every step of your AI-augmented bookkeeping is visible to the right people at the right level of detail.

Adaptive is purpose-built for construction finance

Maximize profits on each job while controlling costs and budget visibility

Create cost-plus or fixed-fee draws in minutes

Automate your bookkeeping with AI

Track budgets and WIP reports in real-time

And the best part is, Adaptive has a live 2-way sync with Quickbooks, so any updates you make in either system are pushed into the other, automatically.

Adaptive's AI-powered financial management platform is purpose-built for builders.

Eliminate paper checks from your contractor payout process

Adaptive pays out your subcontractors using simply their ACH details, no additional account sign ups needed.

Manage distinct internal and client budgets

Understand the financial status of any job while simultaneously keeping accurate and separate budgets for clients' eyes.

Never pay out 
of pocket for client expenses

Know which team member is responsible for any decision made, so nothing flies under the radar, including human error.

AI is your accounting assistant

Adaptive's AI reads your bills and processes the information, matching bills to the job, line item, and cost code in your budgets.

Put vendor compliance on auto-pilot

Get notified when any of your vendor compliance documents expire, and automatically request updated docs from your vendors.

Close your books 
3x faster

Syncing between Adaptive and QuickBooks, all expenses, bills, vendors, cost codes, accounts, and data are automatically shared.


John Doe

"The best cash flow management software for construction with incredible customer service. I run my entire business on Adaptive and the Quickbooks integration is amazing. The time savings and productivity increases are huge"

Vasili Ialanji
Owner, Green Way Homes
John Doe

"Adaptive is legitimately a game changer! All in all Adaptive has been incredible for our company. It feels like we hired a whole new team for financial consulting, invoicing, and accounting but without adding any additional overhead to the company! I HIGHLY recommend Adaptive. Just get it and thank me later!"

John Gioffre
Owner, Revent Builds
John Doe

"Adaptive has been a game changer for our accounting department, project managers, and our clients. Our draw process has become simple and quick, plus having real-time visibility into project profitability has been very beneficial for us."

Austin Katje
Director of Operations, Veldhouse Companies
John Doe

"Managing cash flow is all about understanding your costs vs. your income. Sounds simple enough, but staying on top of the day-to-day costs is actually quite difficult. Enter Adaptive. All my team has to do is forward documents to the platform and Adaptive does the data entry. Adaptive is the best way to manage cash flow.

Kendall Drake
Vice President, Drake Construction Services

Auto-processing of every finance related project doc

Powered by optical character recognition 
and a one-click ingestion process.


Approval workflows

Get every step of your AI-augmented bookkeeping visible to the right people at the right level of detail.


Customizable reporting

Includes pre-built reports like undrawn costs, vendor compliance report, and project WIP, or build your own, easily.

Ready for crystal clear financials 
without the headache?

Let us show you how Adaptive's AI-powered construction financial management 
software works in a brief 30 minute demo with someone from our team.