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Optimize financial performance with automated bookkeeping, simplified cash flow management, centralized vendor compliance, and real-time budgeting – all fully integrated with Quickbooks.

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Trusted by the country’s best builders and remodelers

Created for the construction industry

Growing home builder

Make more money with automated budgets, draws, and more

High-end remodeler

Control job costs with complete project visibility

Residential Developer

Maximize profits with real-time project financial reporting

Commercial and multi-family

Automated vendor compliance, integrated payments, and automated project insights

Read top US builders’ reviews of Adaptive

Owner / Founder / COO

“All of our suppliers and contractors submit invoices directly to Adaptive—the AI job costs the bill and gets all the necessary info such as amount, invoice number, name, etc, and inputs it into the system. We used to have to do all of this ourselves and it was a huge time suck. Get a real-time look into where you stand financially in a project, all automatically synced with QuickBooks! It feels like we hired a whole new team for financial consulting, invoicing, and accounting but without adding any additional overhead to the company.”

Controller / CFO / Accountant

“Adaptive is hyper-focused on solving a critical and neglected issue with construction finance: smart and efficient day-to-day bookkeeping. Collecting cost transaction info - check. Paying bills easily via ACH - check. Tracking budget vs. actual and syncing beautifully with Quickbooks - check. I can also create a draw including all cost backup (i.e. images of bills and receipts) literally in under a minute. This used to take maybe an hour for really big invoices/draws, and for sure 10-20 minutes on smaller invoices/draws. Huge time savings. Big gains in reporting.”

Office Manager / Admin

“I used to spend hours upon hours tracking down receipts from employees and bills from subcontractors. Now, with Adaptive, my team and I just forward everything to the system and then all we have to do is review and approve. It keeps our books up to date on a daily basis, and we can run quicker reports to see everything at once.”

The best cash flow management software for construction with incredible customer service

Vasili I.

Do yourself a favor and get Adaptive NOW

John G.
Owner/ CEO

The cost plus draws save me days of work per month

Hunter B.

Must-have augment to your project software - also stands on it's own for financial management

Chris A.

Best customer service and software helps efficiency and accuracy

Daniel S.

Easiest way to stay on top of the books

Brooke C.
Office Manager

Outstanding Financial Tool for Builders!

Kim M.

Easy to use bookkeeping and subcontractor payments

Jim B.

Adaptive is a game changer

Gabe J.

Adaptive is a gamechanger

Brian S.
Founder/ Owner

Best way to manage cash flow

Kendall D.

Approval workflows, budgets, and draws have improved our processes dramatically

David H.

Completely streamlined bookkeeping

Chelsy D.

Simplifies and Organizes Heavy Construction Processing

Bradley G.

Storing receipts in file folders is a thing of the past

Jeremy P.

Adaptive really is built for home builders & their books

Scott T.

Streamlined my subcontractor payment process. Took 30 minutes to onboard

Ihssan H.

Adaptive gives builders more financial control with less headache

Supercharge bookkeeping

Automated and accurate construction bookkeeping

Adaptive’s market-leading AI automatically captures costs and keeps your accounting up to date with a complete bi-directional Quickbooks sync. You remain in control with powerful approval workflows while our AI does the heavy lifting.


Streamlined cash flow management for builders and developers

Generate invoices and fully formatted draws based on costs or percentage complete in seconds. Cut out hours of manual paperwork and always have the resources to keep building.

Use Adaptive From Anywhere

Real-time project reporting and budgeting updates to stay on track

Adaptive automatically tracks every dollar spent against budget, generates a WIP report in seconds, and helps builders stay on top of their finances and make more money

Integrated payments built for you

Simplified vendor compliance for any type of construction project

Builders put their vendor compliance on auto-pilot - get notified when any of your vendor compliance documents expire, and automatically request updated docs from your vendors. Request ACH information from your vendors directly and pay them in seconds


Seamlessly integrated with Quickbooks

Two-way sync is overused and underdelivered. That’s why Adaptive has built a live sync, which means all expenses, bills, images, vendors, cost codes, accounts, and historic data are automatically pushed to Quickbooks-and vice versa

Associated with the best in the business

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