Automate your bills and subcontractor payments

Adaptive's AI automates all the data entry required to keep your bills and books up to date. Built-in approval workflows keep you in control

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Eliminate data entry and paper chasing

Forward all your bills to your dedicated Adaptive inbox, or drag and drop them into the platform. Adaptive will do all the data entry for you.

Route your bills to the right people for approval - automatically

Customizable approval workflows send your bills to the right people for review and approval before they sync to QuickBooks. Route bills based on job, cost code, amount - or any combination of those.

Seamless, bi-directional sync keeps your books up to date.

Rest easy knowing that Adaptive automatically keeps your books up to date for you, automatically. Even better, any changes you make in QuickBooks will automatically sync to Adaptive - instantly.

Learn how Riverside Homes Automated 88% of Their Check Run Process Using Adaptive

Using Adaptive, Riverside Homes cut down the time necessary to manage their budgets, bank draws, and subcontractor bills from 3 days to 3 hours.

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